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​Welcome to New Journey Recording (NJR) Studios. Whether your musical journey is just beginning or you are a professional musician looking for high quality recordings and productions, you came to the right place. NJR Studios is a full service studio that offers anything from recording to guitar lessons. We have a lot of experience in all of the services that we offer. We like to keep a strong relationship with our clients and pride ourselves in giving them the best product.
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"Smashing" Hits

Theres nothing better than listneing to a short hard rock un-mixed instrumental track acompanied by things getting smashed in slow motion.

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Originally titled CMR Studio, NJR Studios is run and owned by Chase Roddy. The name name "New Journey" was actually first created when Chase went off to college. It symbolized a new beginning in his life and seemed like the perfect fit for his studios name. 

Chase Roddy is currently studying marketing with a minor in e-media at the University of Cincinnati. He is a graduate of Bexley, High School where he developed most of his musical skills including his classical background of violin and standup bass. Chase was in a small town rock band named Autoplay for several years where he played many popular locations like The Alrosa Villa and the Ravari Room. He also played guitar and sang lead vocals for his church's youth band and then went on at the age of 16 to play lead guitar for the main church worship band. 

​"I know what its like to pay money for a recording and not get the result you were hoping for, so I make it my goal that every service that we offer, we take pride in the entire process and result to give you (the Artist) the best possible product you can receive. If for some reason we aren’t getting the result we want right away we wont quit working hard until both parties are pleased with the final product. I wouldn't be very good at my job if I couldn't produce a great result.

Chase Roddy is a people person and loves to get to know every single person he works with. When both the producer and the artist get along, everything works so much better and it is always an enjoyable experience. In the end we are all in this together and we want every customer satisfied because they had a great experience from start to finish.​